Monday, January 30, 2012

Where Are They?

Please tell me exactly why
It all had to change so quickly

Why they're gone
The people I was so fond of
Disappeared from my world
Evaporated into thin air
Leaving me with my own destruction
Yes, I'm okay
Yes, I'm just fine
But if you asked if I missed you?
If I said no, it'd be a lie

Saturday, January 7, 2012

You, You, You

You, you, you
With those beautiful green eyes
And the light brown hair
And those hands that fit
Perfectly with mine
You, you, you
Make my head spin
In a way that hasn't happened
In the longest time

You, you, you
With that laid-back smile
And arms holding me tight
And lips kissing me
In the moonlight
You, you, you
Make me go absolutely crazy
In a way that makes me smile
The way I missed smiling

Sunday, January 1, 2012


With currents holding me down
And pressing down on my chest
Drowning me with blackened waves
Stopping me in my tracks

With dreams smashed to shards
And stabbing at my life
Stepping over the glass
Pinpricks at my memories

Not To Listen

Someone once told me
That they really did care
And that nothing was
Ever going to change that

And someone once told me
That they really liked me
And that it just couldn't
Work because of me

Well look at it now

You left when you said
You wouldn't
You changed your mind
For her
You forgot your best friend
For yourself
You didn't see into what
You could have had

Someone once told me
That I really mattered
And now I know
Not to listen