Friday, November 29, 2013

The Corners Of War

Have you ever gotten that feeling?
The inside of your stomach heaves
And your heartbeat wracks you with pain
Your breathing is labored
Those eyelids drop in defeat
And your body shuts down

It's the corners of war
Your fantasies against your reality
Tearing apart your insides
Because you're so lost to what is and isn't
After all, you can't see the end of the road
And the path is twisted

You've seen this happen
When you over-think it and ruin yourself
Because you're too insecure
Perfection is never attainable
And you're the farthest thing from it

Gracious acceptance of the past
And blissfully optimistic for the future
It brings tears to your eyes
Running mascara betraying you
Your strengths are your weaknesses
They bring your demise

Your body is turmoil
And your mind is even worse off
Landmines fill that barren landscape
Any chance of happiness is ruined by them
Those mines are your scenarios
Of what is, what was, and what will be
And they will destroy you

God, why won't you listen to me?
I'm trying to save you from yourself
Because this is how it always happens
You'd think you'd have learned this by now
But no, you won't

You think this is foolproof
What could ever go wrong?
And a minute later, you're wrought with pain
From something that hasn't happened yet
You can see it, you can feel it
But it doesn't exist
How can you do this to yourself?

This is war, damn it
And you're always going to lose
Until you stop sending your secrets
To the enemy

Sometimes I'm A Mistake

My fingertips hit the keyboard
And I have a million things to say
But I'm never coherent
And the words get jumbled again

If you looked in my head
I guarantee that you'd get lost
Between song lyrics and memories
Pages of sheet music and horn fingerings
Useless information and insecurities

And yet I can't say a word
A single phrase to keep them around
Not a damn thing to make myself
Even the slightest bit intriguing

Pretty face
Pretty horn
Pretty lips
And a pretty mind

But I am so tired of being simply pretty
I desire so much more than this
Don't you see how much I can be?
I have opinions, ideas, jokes, and wants!
I'm not the stupid Barbie that I used to be!

See? These words get thrown around
Dust in the endless tornado
That just so happens to be my mind
I'm all over the place
How in the hell did it get this way?
How in the hell do I fix myself before I get too lost?

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Physical Will Always Show The Mental

I can feel my heart pounding
Hammering against my chest
Wracking my body
Heaving and straining

When did this become the norm?
My cheeks flushed and rosy
Heat rising to my ears
Mouth stretching in a sheepish grin

Antagonizing butterflies
They line the insides of my stomach
Their scaled wings flapping at me
Sweet terrors, lovely reminders

My body is the biggest betrayal
Of feelings I try to suppress
When I am not with you
They only cause me to lose my concentration

Oh, my mind and my heart
At constant torment
Of keeping a smile on my face
And keeping me in line

Friday, November 15, 2013

Minor Melody, Off Tempo As Usual

There's a certain beat
Thud, tha-thump, thudthudthud
Erratic and off tempo
Each hit a dull, aching reminder
Of the solitude

Thud, tha-thudthud, thump tha-thump
Thump, tha-thump, thudthudthump tha-thump

Echoing in the cavity
And resonating in the mind
Like a bass drum

Thump, thump, thud tha-thump
It speeds and it slows
It lessens, it grows
And it is uncontrollably dissonant
Ta ka di mi syllables at large

An aching medley of rhythms
Persistent offbeats
Antagonizing a familiar melody
The minor chord refusing to resolve
Choosing instead to continue
The sorrowful, lonely tune
Harmonies a constant tug
At heartstrings that already hurt

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Every Time I Kiss Her, She Sings To Me

Minutes upon hours
Days after weeks
Second by second
Drifting thoughts collide
With unthinkable feeling

What is this?
Uncontrollable and raging
Passionate, unbridled
Flames intensified
By true integrity

Rapture through lips
Solid meeting pliable
The tender in control
Of the precious metal
Beneath it

Beauty in its purest form
Shining reflection
Requited love and savior
Blissfully caressing
The silver bore

More than I can mention
Emotion too overwhelming
The most incredible gift
Of a lifestyle and choice
Resting in my hands

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Simply Believe

Hey, everyone! Zia here, just giving you a recap of my year. c:

I can't believe I have been writing on this blog for four years. Four. Since my freshman year of high school, I have posted my work here. And now, I am a freshman in college. I can't believe how quickly the time flies! It feels like only yesterday that I was just beginning to discover what writing meant to me in regards to how I expressed and handled my feelings. The style of my writing has changed so much as well! What a difference life experiences really make on a person.

So I am in college now, and it is an amazing experience. I have never met such a wide variety of people interested in different things. Of course there are the stereotypical band kids like me, those of us who are dedicating our lives to our practice. Most of the students in the department are music education majors. There are only two instrumental performance majors in my class, myself included. But we all adore playing. However, the department does have its struggles. My section lacks true leadership, as the directors refused to put a freshman as principle player because of lack of experience. Although each director has told me that my abilities are superior to my section leaders, they didn't want to cause me too much stress.

Next semester, however, they intend to make me a leader! I have never been so motivated in my life to become a better player. I truly believe that I will be an outstanding role model for the horns beneath me. I'm dedicated, and I love this instrument more than I have ever loved anything in my life. Horn kept me alive when I was at the edge of control. When I wanted to give up on myself, I pushed on for my music. I live and breathe for horn. There will never be a love more true than my love for horn. And I hope that I can convey that to my directors and professors.

My social life is doing well. Making friends in college is a lot easier than making friends in high school. I adore my sorority. The sisters are wonderful women, and I cannot wait to spend my college experience with them. My roommate is an angel. We get along absolutely wonderfully, and I hope she always knows that she is extremely loved. I have a good group of people in my life, and I intend to keep them. I am liked! I feel well-liked by my community, and that is a wonderful feeling.

Love life? Hey, that's a thing, too! We aren't official because he's at home, but he makes me really happy. And that is a great feeling. Having someone tell me I am beautiful and call me "baby" is a fantastic thing. I can't wait to see him again.

So all in all, I have come to the conclusion that things are going to be okay. I get stressed out, but at the end of the day, I am a pretty lucky girl. If there's a piece of advice I could offer you, it is this:
Things are never going to be perfect. It isn't always going to work out in your favor. But sometimes, that's okay! Nothing in life is set in stone, and things change a lot. But if you keep on pushing forward and believing that you're going to make it through the day, through the weeks, whatever, then that is what will keep you going. You have to believe in yourself, as cheesy as that sounds. If you feel like you're at your limit, then take a step back. Cool down. Then get right back on top of it and take charge. YOU are your best asset.
I believe in you. You should believe in you, too.

I intend to make this next year more incredible than the last! Every year, I learn something new about myself and about the world around me. That's what is truly important. Continuous growth is such a huge part of finding yourself. You learn what makes you happy, and that is what you need to live your life to the fullest. Happiness is the ultimate goal, my friends. And I promise, you will find what makes you happiest. I hope that you are defining yourselves and that you defy every negative influence that threatens to hold you down! Simply believe, and the rest should follow suit.

With much love,
Define Hurt

Was That Even A Thing?

How could I have been so blind?

Watching you now from my balcony
Waiting for you to fall once more
Tormented, pathetic little boy
With your ego radiating like an aura
That pretentious air a commonplace
In your dry personality

How could I have been so stupid?

Wasting perfectly good tears
On a figment of my imagination
Acting like such a chivalrous man
When you're still a child in mind
Berating others for their faults
Praising your slim strengths
And ignoring every shortcoming
As though you have none

Why did I ever want you?

Irritating in the extreme
Unquenchable thirst for superiority
Insatiable appetite for approval
Lacking in confidence
But you make up for it in pompousness
Such a bad actor
Such a bad friend

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Miles Away

I ache
My stomach is knotted
My chest heaves, unbridled longing
My throat gets dry
My head feels light and dizzy
And the room around me spins

I breathe
The longest possible breath
Inhaling what sanity I can
Attempting to calm myself
Trying to keep above water
Staying out of this dreamland

I fail
Thoughts coming back again
Sweetly lacing every corner of my day
Dancing through my head
Breaking my composure
Stopping me in my tracks

I smile
Your rich voice in my ears
Comforting smile invading my mind
The idea of your arms around me
And me finally being yours
A persistent struggle
With me being so many miles away

But I won't give up
Not when I long for you so

Monday, October 28, 2013


Author's Note: This is an older one. Can't remember the exact date, though. I wanna say around October 3rd, 4th?

Familiar musky scent
Medium-wash jeans
Laden with holes
Cramped space comfortable
Warmth nearing hot

Lazy touches
Flirtatious remarks
Quickly lead to lips meeting
The rough prickle rubbing
Hands tracing every curve
Heaving hot sighs

Eagerly pulling, stretching
Tearing the clothes from my skin
Wet lips engulfing tender spots
And I feel alive again
With those blue eyes sparking
Fiery and excited

"I knew you would come back."
Between kisses
"At least, I hoped you would.
I wanted you."

Singeing my body
With searing hot lips
You've got me writhing beneath you
And I'm enthralled

Lifting my hips
Caressing my lips with yours
Oh my God, oh my God
I've waited too long
Always too long
Please, please

Pulsating, throbbing
Needless ache punished
And rewarded all at once
Over and over

That smirk, that intensity
The desire to please me
To finally make me yours
And you're groaning
"Baby, baby."
Our words are whispered
But I hear it as screams

And I finally taste you on my tongue
You sigh once more
And I wriggle with anticipation
For more

The Past

Author's Note: This is in absolutely no way still relevant to my daily life. However, I enjoy keeping all of my poems and lyrics on this blog. Hence this one. xD

--- 10-1-13

I miss the way you laugh
The wave of your eyelashes
The curve of your smile
Deep-dyed black hair
Lazily throwing your arm around me
Softest lips meeting in a kiss
The tan of your skin
Hater marks on your neck
"I swear, I swear"
Followed by promises
Multitudes of oaths
I love you's
And aches of my heart
I miss the way we were
How we loved
And what will never be again

Sunday, October 27, 2013

So Frustrated

Tired of seeing you
Constantly wearing the same blank expression
Invading every second of my daily life
With that dull hair falling on your shoulders
And a nasally tone
That asks every question without censor

Sick and tired of never being alone
Sick and tired of this situation
Sick and tired of this damned set-up

Why can't I go to my own space?
My peace of mind is being completely deteriorated
By the overwhelming aspect of this life
Leave me be, leave me be!
Let me have this one moment for me
And for me alone

Thursday, October 24, 2013

I Always Dreamed

Constantly reverting my attention
Is becoming a frustration
But I can't get my mind off of you

How can I even describe how I feel about you?
I went from being completely detached
To craving an emotional connection
And look at where I am now
Sitting in my dorm room, miles away
Yet still longing for your touch
All I can do is remember

What I would give
To nestle into your chest again
Tucked gingerly in your arms
Fingertips lazily running up and down my spine
Across my arms, down my thighs
The rise and fall of your torso
With every breath you take
Silken legs overlapping yours
My hands pressed against your body
It's well after midnight
And I am still wide awake

Eagerly rolling over to a side
Taunting you, teasing you into action
Moving to meet me
The sweetest kiss on my lips
And you pull me on top of you
My legs straddling that gorgeous body of yours
And my lips can't separate from yours
Until you move to my chest
Burying yourself in me

I can barely breathe already
How does this happen?
It never was like this before
You know exactly what to do for me
Eyes tracing my body then reverting back
Those beautiful blue eyes haunt me when you're gone

You touch me again, and I sigh
Your name is honey on my lips
But you keep yours on me as though my skin is sugar
You move to look down at me
Eager anticipation rippling down my spine
And that sexy smirk lining your delicious lips

Me and you
The movement is pulsing
And you do things to me unlike any other man
Air can't reach my lungs fast enough
Eyelids fluttering in ecstasy
Is this even possible?
No one else has ever-

I gasp again, I can't breathe
You've done it, you've done it!
No one else could ever prove themselves
And here you are, still gripping my hips
I cannot keep quiet
Not when you give me the sweetest torture

You're exhausted
My lips on you once more
The finale of your feat
An ending I long to see you to
I could never refuse you

Once we've had our share
It's back to that same lazy position
Me in your arms
Pressed against your warm chest
My legs entwined with yours
And tender kisses shared again

You light up a cigarette
Thick smoke filling the room
And I love the small talk
Comfortable closeness
Easily nuzzled against you
As the morning comes to meet us
The wear and tear of our adventures
Finally forcing us into the silence of sleep
And I stay wrapped in your arms
The way I always dreamed

Romance For The Records

Lips meeting metal
The rush of breath filling lungs
And the power of air overwhelming me

I play
Vibrations of the purest form
Against a taut silver mouthpiece

Hand pressed against nickel
The curve of her bell the most enticing vision
A sight of the most pure beauty

And I play her
Love her the way I could never love a man
She is my sweetest sin, my one passion

But I am wrong
It is never the right melody
Never will she and I create the perfect tone

They tell me I'm wrong
That this romance is one for the records
She and I can light up the night sky

Our sound is changing
And our love is being tested yet again
How long can I hold onto her?

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Am I A Masochist?

Am I a masochist?
I adore the things that hurt me
The bite in every word against me
The pain in every rejection I get
Because of the hope
A chance that this loneliness will lead
To a love that I desperately desire

I'd let you rip me to pieces
If it meant that one day, you'd love me
All I ever want
And all I could ever need
Rests in your hands
The hands that never touch me
The smile that never lingers in my direction
The eyes that desperately avoid me
And the voice that whispers my name

I hear it
And it's destroying me from the inside out
How I ache with longing
For you, for you, for you
The idea of you and me
Because I can see it, damn it
They can see it
This is more than just a passing glance
This is an emotion
One that is tearing me apart
Killing me from the outside in

Monday, September 16, 2013

Four More Days

Caught up in the same old daydream
That I am dying to make a reality
Your soft lips against my skin
The slightest flicker of your tongue
Against the warmth of my neck
Your teeth graze the surface
And I can't hold back

From wrapping my legs around your waist
Pulling your lips down to mine
And grasping your hair in my hands
Every sound you make drives me wild
Sending those lovely shivers down my spine
I writhe in ecstasy again and again
The most beautiful feeling

You do it again
Envelope yourself in the emotion
And I'm screaming your name
In hopes that you'll never stop
Never stop loving me the way you do
It's the best way you know how

My entire body aches
The sweetest pain I've ever felt
Muscles in my legs shaking
Weakly nuzzled into the curve of your arms
Those same soft lips against my forehead
And sugar-coated "I love you's" escape your lips

Shakes of laughter wrack your body
As I am pressed against your chest
And I respond in the same manner
That smile lighting up your face
And lighting up my world
How could I live without the passion?
How could I live without the friendship?

Venom In My Veins

The sighs and the sweetest breath
The heaving of your chest
I felt it
I hear it in my dreams

The wrong never felt so right
It's my body's favorite fight
My brain rips
My heart right at its seams

I try to say the words
But they cannot escape
And I can
Tell you how I feel, but
Boy, I just get so afraid
Of how

You take my breath away
With the things you do
And the words you say
I didn't think it'd hurt
To hear the way you
Remember her
And I need you to know
I'm terrified that
You'll let me go
And I don't want you
To leave me

The way that my body aches
For your eyes upon my face
It kills me
Brings the venom to my veins

And if you don't feel the same
If I'm just another name
Then don't tell me
Save me from the selfish pain

I can't believe that I
Could do this to myself
And I can't
Tell you that you're bringing me
Into the depths of hell
With how

You take my breath away
With the things you do
And the words you say
I didn't think it'd hurt
To hear the way you
Remember her
And I need you to know
I'm terrified that
You'll let me go
And I don't want you
To leave me

'Cause I can't
Explain it
All I can do is say it
And just hope that
You feel it
It's embarrassing to say
How much I don't want
You to go
And I want you to know
That I can't
Control it
Or stop myself

You take my breath away
With the things you do
And the words you say
I pretend it doesn't hurt
The way that you
Remember her
I'm begging you to know
I'm terrified
That you will go
And I don't want you
To leave me

I'm so scared that you'll leave me

Saturday, September 14, 2013


Watch me fervently
With eyes narrowed by jealousy
And swear that you're superior
To my inevitable character flaws

This won't be the first time
And it won't be the last
That accusing words will flow
From that intelligent mouth of yours
Looking down on me
From your golden pedestal

Pardon me for being who I am
And pardon me for enjoying myself
God save my soul from hell
Because my apparent sins
Will send me straight to Hell, right?

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Other Side

Everything I've ever done
I've done with the best intentions
Every rule I ever broke
Has been too rare to mention
I've been holding out so long
And made this love my own invention

Every heart I ever broke
I tried my best to mend
Every story that I've sang
Has always had its end
I'm tired of this fairytale
I want to stop playing pretend

But I can't
So I won't
Although this heart of mine
Is crying for the other side

Every time I look away
You're always there beside me
Every time I needed you
You're always there to guide me
I am begging for a sign
That things aren't always what they seem

Every second that I wait
I view as some days long
Every time I go to sleep
The dreams turn out so wrong
I know inside I am a fool
Though I try to act so strong

But I can't
So I won't
Although this heart of mine
Is crying for the other side

Sunday, August 11, 2013


Me and you against the world
A dream I so long to embrace
For the rest of my waking days

Until now, I was insecure
A beauty locked up in a prison
But my punishment was self-inflicted
And I couldn't free myself

But with you, I am in flight
Reaching even the highest skies
And touching the powdery clouds
With my own fingertips

You helped me be the me
I didn't know that I could be
And now, I can't go back
To the person that I was

Friday, August 2, 2013

My Jumbled Mess Of A Mind

So many things I could say
And so many answers I could write
But the tapping of the keyboard
Would ring in my ears for eternity
So I will try to keep this short

I can't imagine my world changing
I am so terrified to leave you
Scared to the point of tears
Because I don't want to end this
Not when I know this kind of love
Is the type that should last forever

Time is the enemy
And the night is my friend
At midnight, dreamland is the
Most wonderful of companions
Because when I dream
I am always envisioning you

Do you dream of me?
Or am I stupid for asking?
I pray that I am just as capturing
As you are to me
These visions dance in my head
And I will keep them

The thought of everything
Spiraling into change
Is ever present in this day
But I swear, I can't let this end
Because life is a long experience
And I can't be alone for this
Not when I love you so

Saturday, July 20, 2013


I could scream it one thousand times
I could whisper it in your ears
But it never would reach you

You block out my incessant needs
With false promises and neglect
Pretending that I am not here crying
That my words are not coherent
My dreams are lackluster and irrelevant

There's more to me than you know
You preach of your love, but don't show it
And expect me to respond on a whim
As though you are all I'll ever need
But I don't need you
I swear, I do not

There's a difference between necessity and longing
And now, I have neither

Tuesday, July 9, 2013



No one could've prepared me for this
No amount of warning would've kept me on my feet
After you swept me off of them so easily
I wasn't ready at all
But that's the best part of this, isn't it?

The best part of falling in love is the magic
The mystery, the rush of the senses
The incessant laughter, the lack of restraint
The sweet taste of your lips, the warmth of a smile
There isn't a way to a single out your perfections
All of them end in the same result
With me falling ever more in love with you

It isn't easy to write this out
Every insecurity I have, I've bared to you
In hopes that you'll look through them
Like a streak-free sheet of glass
And take this heart of mine into your hands
To keep and hold for as long as you'll have me

I couldn't say it enough to you
How much I need you here with me
That perfect smile, that laugh that picks me up
When this dismal world is crashing down around us
The person I fall more in love with every day
The man I could love for forever, if you'd let me

No amount of preparation could've saved me from this fall
No amount of precaution could've stopped me from myself
Because I know I can be uncontrollable
I didn't even see this coming
But that made it the sweetest surprise, didn't it?

To Know

No one said this would be easy
No one told me it would change
Everything you do, it drives me crazy
Even though not always the same way

I didn't think I'd fall into this
Like the way the Earth pulls at the moon
I don't know how long I'll get through this
But right now, I'm begging for me and you

I've given my senses
A little time to breathe
And everything you do to me
Just brings them back to screams
And I don't want to leave you
And I don't want you to go
But where are you when I need you?
There's a hurt you need to know
A love I want to grow
Tell me, am I supposed to go?
A hurt you need to know

You and I go wild
Like the stars drive us insane
But I break down like a child
When our love is lost to fate

The ground beneath is shaking
Balance lost by restless hands
I try to act like things aren't breaking
But everything has its own plan

I've given my senses
A little time to breathe
And everything you do to me
Just brings them back to screams
And I don't want to leave you
And I don't want to go
But where are you when I need you?
There's a hurt you need to know
Do you just want me to go?
I thought this love was gonna grow
It's a hurt you need to know

It drives me to tears how you
Break down my fears with your
Love but it isn't so picture perfect
But I know I'm worth it

I've given my senses
A little time to breathe
And everything you do to me
Just brings them back to screams
And I don't want to leave you
And I don't want you to go
But where are you when I need you?
There's a hurt you need to know
A love I want to show to the world
There's a hurt you need to know
But baby, I'll show you, show you
Don't you want this love to grow?

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Untapped Potential

Untapped potential
Like a wishing well, unused
So many credentials
To reach the stars and more
The best of the worst
The sweetest kind of sour
That I could possibly devour

The taste of you settles in my mouth
The hot rush of breath sends a shiver
Down to my toes
Up again
Up and down
Up and down
God, I could die from wanting
Is this how it was supposed to feel?

I've never felt it
This rush
It's so overwhelming
The madness fills my mind
I want you, I want all of you
And I want you now

Untapped potential
Like a wishing well, unused
So many credentials
To reach the moon and back

Is it wrong to feel scared?
I know how much this can hurt
Will you?
I know you're capable
But Goddess, I hope you don't

How did this happen so fast?
Why are you filling my thoughts with
Hopes for a future?
Do I do the same to you?
Will I ever?

Monday, March 18, 2013


--- 11-26-12

Nervous twittering
Butterflies flittering
How do I keep
My head on straight?

My nerves' central station
I can no longer
Just eagerly wait

My legs are shaking
The cool front is breaking
I'm not acting myself
As of late

Going so crazy
Vision gone hazy
With the thought of
A world we could create

Double Take

--- 11-26-12

Take a peek at
My heart
And where he ripped it

The memory lingers inside of me
I was crying, heart in hiding
Why'd you lie to me?

He's my favorite
An angel masked by
The hate

How could you do what you did to me?
You were perfect, I'm not worth it
I will never be!

Look at me now
I can't pretend it doesn't eat me alive
Look at us now
Now we're so distant, it's a dream
It's a crime
What happened, how?
The world we knew, you spun its axis around!
Look at you now
Don't you see it? Look at you now!

You're a fake, a ridiculous deity!
I can't wait until the day
You leave my memories!


--- 11-20-12

Superman, come rescue me
A hero, just the thing I need
The villains hurt and capture me
If you help, I know they'll leave

Superman, I need you here
Your mantra, stating, "Never fear!"
Behind the cape, I see you clear
A man I know I could hold dear

Superman, come save the day
Everyone else can go away
Just let me be your Lois Lane
Fly to me, and please just stay


--- 11-20-12

Can you imagine my distrust
Of you when my dreams are turned to dust
By you
A future that you try to crush in two

And I can hear the words you say
For I know the stupid games you play
'Cuz I have seen so many act this way
Like you

It's not refined, undignified
Internalized by your design
Uncultured, like the muddy swine
Words you bind and patronize

My successes bring your hate
A distress that you create
I'm the best that I can be
My life springs your jealousy

I try to make it all okay
And try for you to see this thing my way
I try, but it's not gonna be okay
It's not gonna
It's not gonna
It's not gonna be

Okay, I've won, I've had it done
So run before you can confront
You're playing with a loaded gun
Shield your eyes before my sun!

My successes bring your hate
A distress that you create

Blood Rush

Your lips like venom on mine
In every movement you made
I swear, it was a sign that
I was
The worst kind of crazed

And I
Threw myself into this
Because the pain gets me high
And you
Carved your name into my soul
It was bliss
No other rush like this

Make me your punching bag and
Take everything I have
Anything to be strangled in your arms
My beautiful love of harm

I lost my mind in the mix
Where have you been since the last
Time I
Lost myself in your sweet little fix
You've been running these tricks

Make me your punching bag and
Take everything I have
Anything to be strangled in your arms
My beautiful love of harm

Tell them that I was warned
When I'm bruised up and torn
Lying limp on the ground
Don't let me make a sound
Slit my throat, break my bones
Just don't leave me alone
You are all that I need
I've succumbed to my greed

Make me your punching bag and
Take everything I have
Anything to be strangled in your arms
My beautiful love of harm

It was bliss
No other rush like this...

Hell Fire

Pretty girl
With that curly long hair
And a wide smile
That hides down at
The ground as she walks

Sweet girl
With a hidden trap
And a secret instinct
That ensnares her
Every movement

Delicious poison
Hindering her dreams
And victimizing her
Future that longs
For brightness

And a beautiful blade
Aching for a kiss
Against taut skin
A blade that deserves
The flames of hell

Riddle Me Not

---- 11-20-12

Riddle me this
Or riddle me not
'Tis my time to shine
Or my time to rot
You open your mouth
And those words you have got
Ensnare me, trap me
Blast it- I'm caught!

Riddle me this
Or riddle me not
So many chances
I've taken a lot
And this is just one
More wonderful shot
Whether you tell me a riddle
Or riddle me not

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Understand Me

Look me in the eyes and judge me
Because he tells me that he loves me
I'm sorry that it makes me happy
And captures me because I'm sappy

Tell me that you think I'm crazy
Because I blush when he calls me 'baby'
I'm sorry that he drives me mad
And is the best thing I can't have

Understand me and my ways
The way I've missed his warmth for days
I'm sorry that I want him with me
Even though we cannot be