Monday, March 18, 2013

Double Take

--- 11-26-12

Take a peek at
My heart
And where he ripped it

The memory lingers inside of me
I was crying, heart in hiding
Why'd you lie to me?

He's my favorite
An angel masked by
The hate

How could you do what you did to me?
You were perfect, I'm not worth it
I will never be!

Look at me now
I can't pretend it doesn't eat me alive
Look at us now
Now we're so distant, it's a dream
It's a crime
What happened, how?
The world we knew, you spun its axis around!
Look at you now
Don't you see it? Look at you now!

You're a fake, a ridiculous deity!
I can't wait until the day
You leave my memories!

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