Tuesday, November 29, 2011

One Chance

A rainbow falling over a storm cloud
Holding a secret unlike any other
And yet it's there
I've seen it every day
Through these brown eyes
For my whole life
Or at least what it is
Now that you exist

Some are hellbent on keeping
The rainbows hidden away
Others want it for all of the
World to see
But regardless, this is my
Streak of color
And I want it my way

So give me one chance to prove
That not every storm cloud
Is the same
Give me one chance to show you
That I can make that difference
Give me one chance to enlighten
Every doubt you've ever had
Give me one chance to prove
That I can walk on rainbows

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Let Me Down Easy

Let me get this straight
Just one more time
'Cuz my head keeps spinning
And I don't even know myself

Three times in less than two months
Let's hear the lies once again
Because chivalry is dead
And obviously I don't deserve it
Even if it did exist

So let's just let me go
This time, I think I've given in
To every single thought
That has been holding me back

Because obviously, I'm as far down
As I could ever be
What's a few more words
Going to do?

Saturday, November 26, 2011

This One's For You, Baby

Once spoken
Words cannot be so easily taken back
Once whispered
Promises cannot be so easily forgotten
Once lied to
People can never learn to trust again
Once broken
Hearts cannot ever be repaired

And they wonder why
I'm so lonely
They wonder why
I write these words
Maybe if they'd
All stop leaving
The pain wouldn't
Ever hurt

They wonder why
I grow so attached
They wonder why
I become so afraid
Maybe if he'd just
Think to listen
The pain would
Just go away

Friday, November 25, 2011

Without You

Innocence forgotten
Once the taste of poison
Met those lips
Leaving the arms of the
One you once claimed
To love so dearly

Into the arms of another
You left her at the mercy
Of men and cried when
She was no longer yours
You professed your adoration
But left her there to bleed

When she screamed out your name
And said she wanted only you
You were gone in a flash
To the heart of another
Yet you blame it on her
And leave her accepting your
Endless amount of guilt

Well, she finally gave up
She told you that it was
The end of an era
And you cried one last time
About how it was her fault
Yet again, how it was always
Her fault

So she dropped the phone
Raised her head
And walked into the future
Without you

Monday, November 21, 2011


It's cold
But I'm heated
Warm, completely
Fuzzy, inside
And out

At absolutely
But at everything
For the sake of it
Never once
Been so excited

And it only took
One single text

Sunday, November 20, 2011


Beautiful blue
Sapphire eyes
Shining on me
Like a moonbeam
And giving me
Something to wish
For yet again

Bright smile
Aimed at me
Glorious, like
The clouds parting
As the sun
Rays settle in
Over the rain-washed
Pavement of
A country road

I could ever dream of
I could always long for
I could never have
I will always love

Friday, November 18, 2011


A simple word
A desire for something
A longing for something
A lie

Every time
You said the word
I listened with
An open mind
And a glimmer
Of hope that only
You could smash
Into fragments
Of a memory

I watched you
Turn my days
To dreams
And my nights
To fairytales
Happily ever after
Didn't seem so
Far away

But you left
Took a step
Outside of what
We had
And wanted more
Than I was
Willing to give
Stepped into
The sunlight
And let your
True colours shine

And your want was
All I wanted
But what you wanted
Was more than I
Wanted to give

Monday, November 14, 2011

To Drown

Taking the breath
From my lungs
Leaving me to drown
In a pool of loneliness
Watching my struggle
Against myself

I'm unbeautiful
I'm forgetful
I'm impatient

But I'm loving
I'm lonely
I need you
Come back to me

Wearing my heart
On my sleeve
Letting go of
One last silver tear
Crying out your
Beautiful, sweet name

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Simple Recognition

"Take me away from here."
She whispered sweet nothings
Into deaf ears
And let a tragedy of love songs
Be created from her words

"Love me for forever."
He whispered, but soon the
Days turned into nevers
And the beautiful chaos
Turned to shattered glass

"Please, don't go."
She screamed into the night
Of teardrops and powdered snow
Composing a concerto for
A tortured heart

He was silent
An opener for
Words to come

She was silent
Simple recognition
Of a familiar ending

"Let me leave you."
He finally whispered, although
Her pain was more than he knew
Ripping past beauties
Into midnight shreds

"Take me away from here."
She whispered sweet nothings
Into deaf ears
And created a glorious tragedy
From destructive words