Friday, November 25, 2011

Without You

Innocence forgotten
Once the taste of poison
Met those lips
Leaving the arms of the
One you once claimed
To love so dearly

Into the arms of another
You left her at the mercy
Of men and cried when
She was no longer yours
You professed your adoration
But left her there to bleed

When she screamed out your name
And said she wanted only you
You were gone in a flash
To the heart of another
Yet you blame it on her
And leave her accepting your
Endless amount of guilt

Well, she finally gave up
She told you that it was
The end of an era
And you cried one last time
About how it was her fault
Yet again, how it was always
Her fault

So she dropped the phone
Raised her head
And walked into the future
Without you

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