Tuesday, July 9, 2013



No one could've prepared me for this
No amount of warning would've kept me on my feet
After you swept me off of them so easily
I wasn't ready at all
But that's the best part of this, isn't it?

The best part of falling in love is the magic
The mystery, the rush of the senses
The incessant laughter, the lack of restraint
The sweet taste of your lips, the warmth of a smile
There isn't a way to a single out your perfections
All of them end in the same result
With me falling ever more in love with you

It isn't easy to write this out
Every insecurity I have, I've bared to you
In hopes that you'll look through them
Like a streak-free sheet of glass
And take this heart of mine into your hands
To keep and hold for as long as you'll have me

I couldn't say it enough to you
How much I need you here with me
That perfect smile, that laugh that picks me up
When this dismal world is crashing down around us
The person I fall more in love with every day
The man I could love for forever, if you'd let me

No amount of preparation could've saved me from this fall
No amount of precaution could've stopped me from myself
Because I know I can be uncontrollable
I didn't even see this coming
But that made it the sweetest surprise, didn't it?

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