Friday, November 15, 2013

Minor Melody, Off Tempo As Usual

There's a certain beat
Thud, tha-thump, thudthudthud
Erratic and off tempo
Each hit a dull, aching reminder
Of the solitude

Thud, tha-thudthud, thump tha-thump
Thump, tha-thump, thudthudthump tha-thump

Echoing in the cavity
And resonating in the mind
Like a bass drum

Thump, thump, thud tha-thump
It speeds and it slows
It lessens, it grows
And it is uncontrollably dissonant
Ta ka di mi syllables at large

An aching medley of rhythms
Persistent offbeats
Antagonizing a familiar melody
The minor chord refusing to resolve
Choosing instead to continue
The sorrowful, lonely tune
Harmonies a constant tug
At heartstrings that already hurt

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