Friday, November 29, 2013

Sometimes I'm A Mistake

My fingertips hit the keyboard
And I have a million things to say
But I'm never coherent
And the words get jumbled again

If you looked in my head
I guarantee that you'd get lost
Between song lyrics and memories
Pages of sheet music and horn fingerings
Useless information and insecurities

And yet I can't say a word
A single phrase to keep them around
Not a damn thing to make myself
Even the slightest bit intriguing

Pretty face
Pretty horn
Pretty lips
And a pretty mind

But I am so tired of being simply pretty
I desire so much more than this
Don't you see how much I can be?
I have opinions, ideas, jokes, and wants!
I'm not the stupid Barbie that I used to be!

See? These words get thrown around
Dust in the endless tornado
That just so happens to be my mind
I'm all over the place
How in the hell did it get this way?
How in the hell do I fix myself before I get too lost?

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