Thursday, October 24, 2013

I Always Dreamed

Constantly reverting my attention
Is becoming a frustration
But I can't get my mind off of you

How can I even describe how I feel about you?
I went from being completely detached
To craving an emotional connection
And look at where I am now
Sitting in my dorm room, miles away
Yet still longing for your touch
All I can do is remember

What I would give
To nestle into your chest again
Tucked gingerly in your arms
Fingertips lazily running up and down my spine
Across my arms, down my thighs
The rise and fall of your torso
With every breath you take
Silken legs overlapping yours
My hands pressed against your body
It's well after midnight
And I am still wide awake

Eagerly rolling over to a side
Taunting you, teasing you into action
Moving to meet me
The sweetest kiss on my lips
And you pull me on top of you
My legs straddling that gorgeous body of yours
And my lips can't separate from yours
Until you move to my chest
Burying yourself in me

I can barely breathe already
How does this happen?
It never was like this before
You know exactly what to do for me
Eyes tracing my body then reverting back
Those beautiful blue eyes haunt me when you're gone

You touch me again, and I sigh
Your name is honey on my lips
But you keep yours on me as though my skin is sugar
You move to look down at me
Eager anticipation rippling down my spine
And that sexy smirk lining your delicious lips

Me and you
The movement is pulsing
And you do things to me unlike any other man
Air can't reach my lungs fast enough
Eyelids fluttering in ecstasy
Is this even possible?
No one else has ever-

I gasp again, I can't breathe
You've done it, you've done it!
No one else could ever prove themselves
And here you are, still gripping my hips
I cannot keep quiet
Not when you give me the sweetest torture

You're exhausted
My lips on you once more
The finale of your feat
An ending I long to see you to
I could never refuse you

Once we've had our share
It's back to that same lazy position
Me in your arms
Pressed against your warm chest
My legs entwined with yours
And tender kisses shared again

You light up a cigarette
Thick smoke filling the room
And I love the small talk
Comfortable closeness
Easily nuzzled against you
As the morning comes to meet us
The wear and tear of our adventures
Finally forcing us into the silence of sleep
And I stay wrapped in your arms
The way I always dreamed

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