Monday, October 28, 2013


Author's Note: This is an older one. Can't remember the exact date, though. I wanna say around October 3rd, 4th?

Familiar musky scent
Medium-wash jeans
Laden with holes
Cramped space comfortable
Warmth nearing hot

Lazy touches
Flirtatious remarks
Quickly lead to lips meeting
The rough prickle rubbing
Hands tracing every curve
Heaving hot sighs

Eagerly pulling, stretching
Tearing the clothes from my skin
Wet lips engulfing tender spots
And I feel alive again
With those blue eyes sparking
Fiery and excited

"I knew you would come back."
Between kisses
"At least, I hoped you would.
I wanted you."

Singeing my body
With searing hot lips
You've got me writhing beneath you
And I'm enthralled

Lifting my hips
Caressing my lips with yours
Oh my God, oh my God
I've waited too long
Always too long
Please, please

Pulsating, throbbing
Needless ache punished
And rewarded all at once
Over and over

That smirk, that intensity
The desire to please me
To finally make me yours
And you're groaning
"Baby, baby."
Our words are whispered
But I hear it as screams

And I finally taste you on my tongue
You sigh once more
And I wriggle with anticipation
For more

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