Friday, August 2, 2013

My Jumbled Mess Of A Mind

So many things I could say
And so many answers I could write
But the tapping of the keyboard
Would ring in my ears for eternity
So I will try to keep this short

I can't imagine my world changing
I am so terrified to leave you
Scared to the point of tears
Because I don't want to end this
Not when I know this kind of love
Is the type that should last forever

Time is the enemy
And the night is my friend
At midnight, dreamland is the
Most wonderful of companions
Because when I dream
I am always envisioning you

Do you dream of me?
Or am I stupid for asking?
I pray that I am just as capturing
As you are to me
These visions dance in my head
And I will keep them

The thought of everything
Spiraling into change
Is ever present in this day
But I swear, I can't let this end
Because life is a long experience
And I can't be alone for this
Not when I love you so

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