Monday, September 16, 2013

Four More Days

Caught up in the same old daydream
That I am dying to make a reality
Your soft lips against my skin
The slightest flicker of your tongue
Against the warmth of my neck
Your teeth graze the surface
And I can't hold back

From wrapping my legs around your waist
Pulling your lips down to mine
And grasping your hair in my hands
Every sound you make drives me wild
Sending those lovely shivers down my spine
I writhe in ecstasy again and again
The most beautiful feeling

You do it again
Envelope yourself in the emotion
And I'm screaming your name
In hopes that you'll never stop
Never stop loving me the way you do
It's the best way you know how

My entire body aches
The sweetest pain I've ever felt
Muscles in my legs shaking
Weakly nuzzled into the curve of your arms
Those same soft lips against my forehead
And sugar-coated "I love you's" escape your lips

Shakes of laughter wrack your body
As I am pressed against your chest
And I respond in the same manner
That smile lighting up your face
And lighting up my world
How could I live without the passion?
How could I live without the friendship?

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