Sunday, December 6, 2009

Tell Me You'll Save Me

I'll reach down and pull you
Up from the flames
Swim out to sea and keep
You from drowning
But can anyone save me?

I swear, I'm lost
I swear, I can't find light
I swear, these smiles just
Prevent the questions

I'd take bullet after bullet
For the rest of the world
I'll let anyone hold my
Head under water
But would anyone try to save me?

I swear, I'm lonely
I swear, it's dark outside
I swear, the smiles are part
Of my feigned happiness

Can anyone save me?


  1. I've written so much stuff to that theme. =\ Poor Kizz

  2. i dont write it i bottle it up and save it for a happy day so i dont have to deal with the warm feeling ^^