Friday, May 28, 2010


Every night
The same dream
For nights past

Get out, get out
Of course you're there
Of course

Texting my cell phone
Asking me to get ready
For what?

Going to somewhere nice, yes?
How fun for us
Black dress, white cardi, blue Converse

And I wait
And wait
And wait some more

White, stretch Hummer pulls up
Right in front of my driveway
What is going on?

And there you are
Hair disorderly, black Converse
Red band tee, dark jeans, black jacket

You take my hand
Practically drag me into the vehicle
And we leave

Instantly, your mouth is on mine
Hot and hungry, anxious and intense
Hands through my hair

But then we're there
Drury Lane Theatre
Dinner and a show?

We go in, eat food
Same old, same old
Boring part of the night

You take my hand again
Walk me into the theatre
I swell with joy

Orchestra, joy of joys!
We sit in the front
I see the horns

And the lights dim
The familiar tune
My favourite composer

But I wake up.

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