Monday, December 12, 2011

The Looking Glass

"Peer into the looking glass, my dear
And see what there is to see
There's a whole world of magick here
You just have to believe."

The lady looked into my eyes
And gave me a intuitive smile
To her delight and my surprise
I stayed with her for a while

I gazed into the scrying glass
It's call was pulling me
It showed me what could live and last
And everything that could be

The lady cried out with delight
"You have a gift, my child!"
We talked and laughed throughout the night
And our new world was reconciled

Something settled in that glass
Something only I could see
A future replaying the past
One created solely for me

My eyes filled up with tears
And I threw the glass away
It shattered into pieces near
And in shards it now must stay

For sometimes the future must be known
To save you from mistakes
But other times, let it alone
The past must be erased

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