Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Miraculous Addict

Eyelids fluttering to dreamland
Drooping over dark brown irises
That nearly match the pupils
And the sweetest images
Melt away all of the doubt
Destroying it with reality
Because love occurs when
Reality is better than dreams
Doesn't it?

It sure feels that way
Heart pounding in anticipation
Lips longing for that kiss
Oh, one more sweet, tender meeting
One more caress between two souls
And a joining of hearts
That kiss brings a flame
In even the calmest of minds
Lighting a passion
Unlike any other

Hands locking and grasping
Soft skin against skin
With a head gently pressed onto another
And honey-scented breath
Warming the neck
What an addiction
What a miracle

My miracle
My addiction


  1. This is just yes.

    I have never been so pleased to relate to one of your works of art. :)

  2. Aw shucks. Thank you.
    And I'm glad that you can relate. c: