Friday, November 5, 2010

I Give.

Why is it that every single
Goddamn, mother fucking
Time I get happy and hopeful
Reality kicks the door down
And I see what I've been
Trying to avoid the whole time?

Don't be fucking stupid, Zia
You know your limits
Every single time
You get too happy
The world kicks you in the face
And tells you that you're wrong
Why don't you just accept that
You will never be good enough
For this world
Because no matter how hard you
Try, it's never enough
No matter how broken you get
It's not enough

Why do you even write anymore?
Why can't you play horn well enough?
Why does your voice sound like hell?
Why are you so ugly?
Why is your acne so bad?
Why the fuck can't you lose weight?
Why can't you be in cheerleading?
Why weren't you ever into sports?
Why can't people talk to you anymore?
Why are all of your friends leaving you?
Why have you always been alone?
Why the fuck are you so impulsive?

I'm done. Fuck this.

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