Monday, March 26, 2012

Meet Me

Alrighty, bloggers and all. I've decided that I'm going to make myself pretty damn happy and confident. I can't take being so down on myself anymore, and the only way I'm going to feel better is if I focus on myself. I'm creating a list of things I love about me. Fuck the bad stuff. I can always improve my flaws, but my good traits are here to stay. Let the listing begin!

1. I'm a writer.
2. I'm the best French horn player in the district. And have been.
3. I have some very good friends.
4. My eyes a pretty shade of red-brown.
5. I have DDs.
6. My legs are really muscular; runner's legs.
7. I'm compassionate.
8. I have a fairly decent French accent.
9. I'm smart.
10. I can sing fairly well.
11. I'm a fun person to hang out with.
12. Nice nose.
13. Not super skinny, but not extremely overweight.
14. Trumpet player.
15. Mellophone section leader.
16. I can kind of play guitar, piano, clarinet, and alto sax.
17. I've never done drugs.
18. Not a smoker.
19. Not really a drinker.
20. Extremely empathetic.
21. Tend to look on the bright side, regardless of how many times this world or people in it screw me over.
22. I believe in love.
23. Easy to talk to.
24. Good at badminton.
25. Competitive.
26. Determined to make something out of myself.
27. I forgive very, very easily.
28. I always try to maintain friends.
29. I can listen to almost any kind of music and be entertained.
30. Love to read.
31. Polite.
32. Believes in a higher power.
33. Able to be different without crushing others' ideas.
34. Tries not to judge.
35. Doesn't hold grudges.
36. Gets along with people easily.
37. Impossibles are never impossible.
38. A pure dreamer.
39. Easily broken, but always recovers.
40. Beautiful.

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