Saturday, January 23, 2010


The sky is blue
Light, robin's egg blue
A beautiful hue
Untouched by clouds
Clear as water
Bright with the sun's rays
Streaming to warm the

Traces of powdery white
Join with the azure
Still equally sunny
But holding more clouds
Gently, ever so gently
They float along warm thermals
Slowly parading above us

The clouds gradually darken
Holding more and more
Tiny droplets of water
Keeping them stored
Until blessed release
Straining under the weight
The clouds mover slower, slower
'Til arriving at a hault

The sky grows dark
No blue is seen
Only hints of white
But they are overpowered
By blacks and grays

The lightning strikes
The thunder roars
Droplets fly from above
Plinking and plunking
On hard surfaces
Hours and hours on end
The wind rushes by

But soon it stops
And gently, ever so gently
The clouds float past
And the sun reappears
To dry up the rain

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