Monday, January 11, 2010

Sometimes The Role Is Too Big

Eventually, caring has just
Isn't that odd?
The girl who cared so much
About people's opinions of her
Has given up her feat

But wait!
Her insecurities
They're back with a vengeance
Merciless, shrieking
Horrible flaws
Clawing at her calm exterior
Ripping her apart from the inside

They shred her to pieces
But she hides it well
Oh, she can act well
Holding back the tears, she continues
This game of play-acting
And follows her script
Modeling perfection

As soon as she gets home,
The plot thickens!

Agonizing pain courses through her
Crying into the night, she curses
Herself for being everything
Society scoffs at
The role she fills is too big
She's done
She quits

I give up
I'm done
Find someone else

And she walks off the set,
Out of the studio, and
Never looked back

1 comment:

  1. Again, stealing my words, girl. This one also made me tear up a little bit, cuz I'm still up there acting, waiting to break and become who I actually am.