Monday, January 18, 2010

Solo and Ensemble Is Going to SUCK

You're imperfect
Never good enough
Too trusting
Too innocent
Always naive
Obnoxious and irritating

You lose everyone
You can't keep friends
You scare every single
One of them off
Stop trusting them

Of course you scared him
You open up too easily

My subconscious screams at me
And I hide from the words

"No, no, no!
Not him, he's too sweet!"

Fight back, fight back
I try
I really do
But I fail

No response from you yet
I'm just waiting anxiously
But of course I've lost you.
Just like I always do


  1. I love you Kizzie. But something tells me Kizzie didnt write this, Posted by Zia Sampson at 5:54 PM... But Kizzie, if you ever need to or want to talk, Im here. And your good enough for me.