Monday, January 18, 2010

Guess Things Just Can't Go My Way

You couldn't just shut up
Could you, Zia?
You had to open your big mouth
Learn to keep quiet
Why do you trust everyone
When you know you're going
To lose them in the end

Of course.
You had to trust him
Didn't you, Zia?
You had to open up
And now he thinks you're
A freak
A loser
A creep
Of course.

You'll never be happy
You lost another friend
And he actually made
You really happy
Why can't you
Ever learn to be silent?

1 comment:

  1. wait a second... I get it now!!! your name is zia.. Okay. I get it. Anyways, I like this. But dont lock your feelings up. Dont start bottleing up. Its not good. Tell me. I wont tell. Besides, I'm here for ya babe, no matter if were in a fight, not talking, etc. I'm here for you.