Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dreamer's Lullaby

Author's Note:

This will be a story written in short series format. I will add more as I go. XD

Chapter One, Part One: Abrielle

He was restless, pacing back and forth between the trees. Tired, grey eyes shifted from one side of the forest to the other. Checking his watch, he realized that she was late again.
It was dark on that August night. Half of the beautiful full moon was covered by clouds, with specks of light illuminating the black sky. The light wind whispered sweet, soothing promises in his ear, but he shook his head. This was the end.
He froze, temporarily in a state of paranoia. Where was she? Why did she want to meet him in Temperance Forest at midnight?
"I told you I'd be here."
"But," he stammered, "but why tonight? What's going on?"
She was still out of sight. Her voice was hidden by trees, but so rich and musical, a song was created by her words.
"Alex, you needed me. I could tell. I felt the pounding of your heart that night."
Maria. The voice was an echo of the past. His heart was ripped in two, his mind darkened by the pain. She was the world. Her eyes were the ocean, her hair was the earth beneath him. When she left, that ground split apart and surrendered him to the molten lava of his mind.
"No," he lied. "I can survive."
As soon as he had said the words, he knew that they were wrong. A howl erupted from the forest, sending a shiver through Alex's body.
"You dare lie to me?"
He trembled, and his eyes were cast upon the ground. More so than ever, he regretted allowing Abrielle into his life. Into his mind, thoughts, dreams, spirit. Into him.
Each of the stars seemed to brighten ever so slight. Alex knew she would show herself to him.
She was there. Abrielle, fallen angel. Abrielle, guardian of the Temperance Forest. Abrielle, protector of the Forgotten Realm.

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