Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dreamer's Lullaby

Chapter 1, Part 2:

Alex looked into grey eyes. They alnmost mirrored his own, but they were always darker. Always deeper.
It had occured to him that Abrielle was like the weather. Some days, calm and more beautiful than the cloudless sky. Others, more violent than a raging hurricane. Needless to say, he had seen her like a thunderstorm on most occassions.
"Abrielle, you know I trust you," he quietly said, trying to soothe her. "I'm just lost without my Maria."
She sighed. Her expression shifted from irritation to calm in an instant.
"Alex, she is gone. She will never be the same girl you knew. Can't you see that? Once you join Darien, you don't come back!"
The last phrase was a whisper, mostly furious, but with a hint of remorse. The air around them grew icy cold when Darien's name was spoken. The whooshing of the trees startled Alex, and he found himself drawing closer to Abrielle unintentionally.
"Abrielle," he whispered. "Abrielle, I don't like this." There was a hint of panic in his voice.
Her eyes were darker than ever. "Lilai!" she called.
All movement stopped in the forest. Not another sound was heard.

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