Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Never Need You Again

Broken down by you
Picked up by you
And broken down once more

And yet I'm standing here today
Saying I'm better off without you

I guess I should also say
I'm damn proud of who I've become

I'm working to make high honor roll
I'm a first chair musician as a sophomore
I'm a section leader
I workout not because I'm obligated
But because it makes me happy
I'm starting to believe in my own beauty
I have friends and now know who to trust

The ones I've fought with
The ones who I left
The ones who are back
I have people here to lift me up

I have people who call me attractive
Who want me
People who aren't afraid to say it

Yeah, you broke me
But the girl you left
Isn't who she was
You made me so much stronger
And I will never need
A boy again

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